About Me

Hi, I'm Ronnie!

The CopyCabana, my tiny corner of the World Wide Web, was created to help your business stand out with professionally written, engaging website content that perfectly reflects your style and values. It was born out of my love of writing and seaside strolls, a combination often resulting in my best ideas.

I don’t know about you, but a warm, sun-soaked beach is my ultimate happy place. Everything feels better with sand between your toes, even if it’s just in your imagination. So I invite you to join me here, in my virtual copywriting beach hut. Put on a sun hat, grab a fresh coconut and tell me how I can help you!

My Background

I see you’re the type who likes to read the About page all the way.. Well, we have that in common! 

I’ve embarked on my copywriting journey with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing, three semesters of journalism studies, years of work experience and a few copywriting courses under my belt. I’ve been learning from successful, well-known copywriters like Tamsin Henderson (UK), Daniel Throssell (Australia) and Jacob McMillan (USA). Besides freelancing I also work part-time as a Marketing Manager for Take Art.

I was drawn to website copywriting from the beginning, but it wasn’t until my first “write from scratch” website project that I decided to focus on it almost exclusively. Creating personality for a brand is like painting a picture. I just use words instead of brushes! It’s a very special process and every step is close to my heart. Understanding the essence of a business, developing its voice and style, and writing and delivering content that lets it truly shine is a very rewarding experience.

What People Say About Me

Ronnie was able to capture what our wine bar is all about, we can’t wait to use her content on our new website. Thank you.

Szabolcs Lux
Noble Rot Weinbar, Berlin

Ronnie is like a breath of fresh air, I’d highly recommend her to any business, no matter how big or small.

Amirah Omran
Sass Circus Ltd, Trowbridge

Veronika has that rare gift of being able to get inside the head of her clients, and recognise opportunities to improve on their content.

Louisa Wheeler
Ilona Design, Wincanton