Frequently Asked Questions

A copywriter’s job is to craft content that compels the reader to perform a desired action. Every purcharse or subscription is almost always in response to what you’ve previously read about that product or service, and how that made you feel.  All those words were carefully designed to lead you to the intended outcome, your decision to purchase. Like magic, a need that you might not even have been aware of was created and filled – all because of copywriters. 

It’s natural to want to save and it might seem silly to spend money on written words. While anyone can write to an extent, not everyone can create compelling content that people actually want to read. In this digital world, the written word is king. We rely on it to build relationships, trust, to engage, persuade and be remembered. When competition is sky high and everyone seeks perfection, you simply can’t afford not to have professional content. 

Think about all the brands you’re drawn to; the colours they use, their ads, their tone of voice.  You like them because their style appeals to you. A good copywriter will help you create your own brand voice that will be consistently recognisable in all your content. And this will make sure you’ll stand out from the noise so your audience can find you. 

This will mainly depend on how many projects I’m currently working on, and of course, what you’d like me to do. I might be able to squeeze smaller projects in on a short notice, while full website rewrites generally require more time to complete. 

The cost very much depends on the project and the time I need to spend on interviews, research and the actual writing process. I believe my prices are very reasonable and I always charge my clients by project. This way you’ll know exactly how much you have to budget for before I start working on your copy. I can provide a quote after our initial discovery call. 

If we’ve never worked together before, I’ll require 50% deposit before I start the project. If you’re a returning client, this won’t be necessary. 

I think the value of my content should be measured by its weight rather than the number of words. I’ve never liked the idea of pricing like that, nor would I hire someone who does. I believe it encourages quantity over quality. 

While I provide a daily fee, this is more of a benchmark as I always charge my clients by project. I think this is the best way to serve you. You’ll know the cost in advance and you won’t have to pay more if a winning idea takes longer to emerge than I’d expected.

Writing copy is a strategic process and while sometimes words flow quickly and easily, there are also times when I obsess over a single headline for days. But this makes the difference when it comes to creating something that gets you results. 

It’s entirely possible that I’m not an expert when it comes to your industry, which can actually be an advantage. There’s such a thing as being “too close” to a topic. I’ll bring a fresh pair of eyes to your business and will also be able to relate to your target audience better. 

After taking on your project, I’ll conduct very in-depth research on all aspects of your industry, which is the foundation for writing great copy. 

Before I can start working on your project, we’ll discuss your business, requirements and goals in great detail. I’ll also ask you to fill out a client questionnaire prior to our meeting. I ask you to consider these questions carefully and give me as much information as possible. The more insider knowledge I have, the better I can serve you. 

It’s very important to me that you’re happy with my work. If I missed the mark with the first draft I’ll use it as a starting point to clarify what parts you like/don’t like, and we go from there. Your honest feedback is crucial – all your comments help me refine your copy to perfection. To give you peace of mind, my fee includes 2 rounds of edits. 

I’ll give you a quote based on what we discuss when we first meet. Minor tweaks that don’t change the scope of the initial brief much will be covered by the agreed price. If the changes you propose are significant, we can reassess the impact on time and cost. If for any reason you have to cancel a commission and I’ve already started working on it, then a kill fee of up to 50% will be charged.

I’d love to meet you face to face, and discuss your project over a steaming cup of coffee. Unfortunately, more often than not, this won’t be possible. I’m based near Yeovil in Somerset, England, so if you’re in the area I’m always happy to meet. If not, we can chat over the phone or via Zoom.  

I love visual arts and I use Photoshop, InDesign and Procreate for private projects. While I mostly only help out friends and family, if you need a flyer, brochure or a Christmas card, do ask. I mostly focus on writing but who knows? You might just get lucky 🙂